Digital Forensics Now is a women-owned forensics company that supports the public and private sectors to find, listen, and learn from data when they face complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation. We utilize industry best practices and software to collect, preserve, and examine digital evidence.  With a sincere passion for justice and technology, we help recreate actions of end-user and transform data integrity to compelling witnesses. No matter how complex your matter is, Digital Forensics Now’s versatility, agility, and responsiveness make for a steadfast solution. We offer cost predictability, proactive risk management, and customized end-to-end project management.

How Can We Help

Dedicated to integrity and excellence, we help identify wrongdoers and analyze the evidence against them by considering the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) by giving light to how a computer crime or incident occurred. Our responsibility is to acquire, authenticate, and analyze evidence that could be presented during court proceedings or investigative matters. Our team considers all potential data storage locations during an investigation.  Using standard evaluation criteria, our experts can identify security-related lapses in a network environment looking for suspicious traffic and any kind of intrusions, or they can gather messages, data, pictures, and other information to be uniquely attributed to a specific user involved in a case.

Digital Forensics Now experts handle evidence in criminal and civil cases with a track record of testifying persuasively to support these approaches. We recommend defensible preservation strategies that mitigate both legal risks and costs. For incidents involving compromised security, our rapid response team can mobilize within 24 hours, on-site to any location. Our team can also perform remote forensics collection of devices often eliminating the need for costly on-site personnel.

Services Provided:

  • Cloud Acquisitions
  • Concerned Parents of Children
  • Consulting
  • Cybercrime Investigations
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Data Recovery
  • Digital Forensics Acquisition and Preservation
  • Digital Forensics Analysis
  • Drone Forensics
  • Expert Testimony and Reporting
  • Forensic Neutral Services
  • Forensic Analysis for Mobile and Tablets
  • Rapid Response Teams
  • Remote Collections

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