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Mobile Device and Social Media Forensics

Smartphones and other mobile devices are an incredibly fast growing portion of the digital landscape. According to CTIA, industry estimates show smartphone purchases outnumbered computers (desktops, laptops and tables) around 2013. They estimated that by 2015, Americans would access the Internet via mobile devices more than via PCs or any other type of wireless device. According to the National Institute for Standards in Technology NIST, mobile device forensics is the science of recovering digital evidence from a mobile device under forensically sound conditions using accepted methods. Mobile device forensics also includes examination of GPS devices, social media, wearable devices, etc.

General mobile forensic services include:

  • Call logs and Contacts
  • SMS messages
  • Whats App
  • Emails
  • Image/Videos/Audio
  • Internet History
  • GPS and Map Data
  • Documents and App Data